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And Now the Fine Print

You will need to send us at least 6 sample products in advance, (packaged as we will receive them for the order). These are needed to make a fixture and test inks on the material to be printed and to set-up and align the press.. These samples will not be returned.

Artwork should be in a vector format, (we prefer EPS, CDR, PDF).
We can use non-vector formats such as ( JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF ), but the results may not be as good as with vector files.

We can not send one print for a sample. Once our machine is set up and the ink mixed we must print continuously until the order is finished.

If un-packing and re-packing individual units is required there will be an additional charge.

Colors: We always stock white and black inks. If a custom color or PMS matching is required, our cost of the ink will be added to your order. Please allow seven days for custom colors to be ordered, mixed and delivered to us.

Polypropylene and Nylon require "Flame Treating" before printing, a nominal charge will be added for this.

When placing an order, you are not purchasing the printing plate, fixture, or pad, these remain property of Peliton Plastics.

Please read our Pricing Information page.

Our Shipping Address is:

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