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Examples of Our Pad Printing

Ceramic Syrup Pourer Custom pad printed beach cups Skateboard Wheels
Syrup Pourer Printed on Ceramic
Old City Syrup Website
Click to Enlarge Skateboard Wheels Printed on Polyurethane
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Printed Shubee Toilet Tag   Pad printed shot glass holder   Fingerprint reader
Plumber Promos printed on Polypropylene
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Pad Printed Sunglasses   Printed water bottle caps   Skateboard Truck
Sunglasses printed on Polycarbonate
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Water Bottle tops
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  Skateboard Truck Printed on Powder Coated Metal
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Milagro shot glass holder Cigar Holder   Crusin with Mickey cup holder
Shot Glass Holder Printed on ABS Plastic
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Cigar Holder Printed on Nylon
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Pad Printed cosmetic bottle Waiter flag   Printed Telescoping Magnets
Pad Printed Cosmetic Bottle
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      Telescoping Magnets
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Stainless Steel Bottle     Pad Printed Margarita Glass
Pad Printed Stainless Steel Bottle
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    Pad Printed Margarita Glass
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